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It was U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Scott E. Rutter's unit, which assaulted the Iraqi Special Republican Guard and secured the Baghdad International Airport in Operation Iraqi Freedom. For this daring maneuver, his unit was broadly recognized and LTC Rutter was decorated with the Silver Star for his brilliant and deadly action.

LTC Rutter retired from the US Army after serving over 20 years in Air Assault, Light and Mechanized assignments in the Desert, the Pacific, and in the Continental United States. He served several years overseas and has delployed operationally to Saudi Arabia, Korea, Kuwait, and Iraq. Scott also served as a Senior Intelligency Officer with the Defense Intelligence Agency.

During Operation Desert Storm, then CPT Rutter commanded C Company, 2nd Battalion, 16th Infantry, 'Rangers' in the 1st Infantry Division and was decorated with the Bronze Star for Valor in 1991. During Operation Iraqi Freedom, LTC Rutter commanded the 2nd Battalion, 7th Infantry 'Cottonbalers' in the 3rd Infantry Division and made the initial assault into Iraq all the way to Baghdad as part of the 'Tip of the Spear.'

He has been described by the media as someone that likes to get close to the fight, so close that his soldiers sometimes worry about his safety. He insists on traveling with the lead company.

As a much sought-after speaker, businessman, established writer, and experienced media analyst, his mission now is to champion the cause of our military and Veterans. LTC Rutter serves as the President of the Valor Network and Valor Tactics. LTC Rutter experienced first hand the human impact of war. The Valor Network represents a continuing effort to harness the skills in the private sector to improve the strength, conditions and outcomes for our Veterans, Servicemembers and their Families.

He has also served as the President of the 7th Infantry Regiment Association, Board Member for TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors) as well as organized many Memorial Day, Veterans Day and military events. LTC Rutter donates much of his time and energy to speaking at many organizations and universities to help raise awareness about the issues facing our Service members and Veterans.